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Dear Khalid,

thank you for submitting your experience and your review.

We have noticed that you have requested your friends who never visited and dealt with us, specifically Ahmed Alhefeiti, Aisha Aaa, Shosho Meme, Ali Kazim to submit their false reviews pretending that they have a negative experience with us. Being upset that your bike is suffering from an issue is one thing, but requesting others to post a false reviews in order to damage our company is very unfair behavior and haram in the Islamic culture. We will leave this up to you and to all the customers reading this to judge.

First of all, I would like to put things to the right perspective with your issue and your statement of "0% maintenance and customer care". We confirm that your 2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 is suffering from a strange anomaly, your oil pressure warning light keeps occasionally flickering when your bike will get hot. We have never mentioned that "this is not a big deal” as you are stating twice in your review as we all know that issue with the engine oil pressure can have serious consequences.


When you have purchased your motorcycle from the previous owner, you have brought it to us for a service on 22nd February. It was minor service, oil change, brake fluid change and general check-up. On your request, we have replaced also brake lever and brake pedal which was a result of a previous small accident. On 28th March, 404km later, you brought the bike with the first complaint about the flickering oil pressure light and after that, your bike was two times in and out as we were trying to find the cause of this anomaly.

You are mentioning that "all visits were for oil issues, oil indicator or oil level sensor or physical oil levels”. Just to clarify, your bike has only oil pressure warning light, there is no other oil level indicator or oil level sensor as you are mentioning. The oil level is measured visually on the dipstick. All visits apart from your initial service were because of the same issue - flickering oil pressure warning light when the bike is hot. During the second return of your bike for the oil pressure warning light flickering issue, our technician mistakably did not screw the oil dipstick in during the oil measuring process and this made him wrongly think that bike runs with lower oil level so as a result of his wrong measurement he topped up the oil causing the level to be few millimeters above the max line on the dipstick (warm oil level measured and photo provided by you). Because the technician mentioned that the oil level was low before, but it wasn’t as he just measured it wrong, unfortunately, he put the idea about the wrong oil level to your mind and made you doubt in us, which I can understand. The accidental small overfill did not cause your main issue or any other issue. Before the oil level was wrongly topped up, the oil level was correct but the oil pressure warning light flickering was present. The last time we have had your bike at our workshop we have involved factory into the issue and performed multiple tests, you have been informed about everything, the issue still persists.

We or the factory haven’t experienced a similar case that you are facing with your motorcycle and unfortunately it is not as simple to sometime discover the cause as some people might think. All the known cases that could trigger the oil pressure warning light are different from yours. You know that we have been working hard and we have tested multiple things, cooperating with the MV Agusta factory, to find out what is the cause of this anomaly. None of this is taken into consideration and we are simply the bad guys here because the issue is still present and we were not able to sort it during few attempts. The last time the bike was coming back home to you, you were informed about the fact that the disappearance of the warning light is quite a mystery, factory suggested that probably the disconnection/connection of the instrument panel could have helped. We have suggested you to use the bike and keep monitoring the issue. To be exact, this is the email communicated to you on 9th June 2020:

"Dear Khaled,

I hope this email finds you well.

As discussed over the phone and WhatsApp, we will be returning the motorcycle back to you as we have done all the possible investigation following the steps suggested by the factory and as of now, the oil pressure warning light is not coming back. There is no real explanation what helped or whether this anomaly will or will not come back, but as discussed we are not able to get the warning light back on.

Initially when your bike came in we were able to see the oil pressure warning light when we warmed up the bike to 4 & 5 temperature bars, with the hot engine the oil pressure warning light was flickering several times. We have replaced the sensor for new one, but it was doing the same with the new sensor so issue wasn’t in the sensor itself. Your original oil pressure sensor was put back. We have done small test and filled the bike with 10W60 oil and we couldn’t see the warning light with the 10W60 again. After that we have drained the 10W60 and put the 5W40 oil. With recommended 5W40 oil when the engine heated up, we have seen the warning light flickering again.

We have performed engine oil pressure test using the pressure gauge (compared the readings with our Brutale 800 RR demo bike that we measured as well), but according the factory the values were ok and both bike seems to give same readings, our Brutale 800 RR demo bike was not suffering with this anomaly. We have checked all the wires and the connection related to the oil pressure sensor - everything seems to be ok. After that we have exchanged the dashboards of your bike with another motorcycle to see if the error could be in the dashboard itself - wasn’t the case - dashboard was working normally on other motorcycle, however at this stage and from this moment onwards we couldn’t see any signs, any flickering of oil pressure warning light on your bike with other dashboard or with the original dashboard. We have cleaned all the dashboard connections.

We have also drained oil and removed the filter, check the filter to see if any metallic material was in the oil - all ok there.

On factory request we have removed the generator cover and checked the freeplay of the balance shaft - no freeplay was present - all was ok there.

Bike was heated up on the idle multiple times and we have done over 100km of test rides, with no signs of warning light.

However since it is not very clear what could have help sorting the issue (possibly the dashboard removal and reconnection) there is a chance that the issue might come back again and further investigation will be needed.

As I have mentioned earlier, your bike has a history of warranty claim in December 2017 when the oil pressure sensor was replaced at 1432km. The first owner of the motorcycle was never complaining on the oil pressure warning light ever after.

We are suggesting that you can use the bike, but please monitor the presence of the warning light, just to be sure. 

Feel free to let me know if you will have any question."

After my email and during your first ride after you have received your motorcycle back, you have informed us that the oil pressure warning light is still present. We have informed the factory and the investigation was on again. We have discussed all steps we were planning to take and we were again on the same mission, to discover what is the cause and fix it for good. We spend more than 10 hours working on your motorcycle. Since your motorcycle is long out of warranty and we can't be working on your motorcycle for free, we have charged you only for two hours plus a generator cover gasket before sending the bike home to you. Remaining hours and the oil used wasn’t charged to you in order to support you. Invoice is remaining unpaid and we haven’t ask you to clear it as we understand that this is still an open case and we were dedicated to continuing until we will resolve this case. We have never given up and I have informed you about the next steps we are planning to take when the bike will come back. You have lost trust in us because up until now we were not able to discover the issue, we understand that and we are sorry, but if it would be so easy to sort this issue, we would have already done that. It is fully your choice to bring your motorcycle anywhere you want, but as I told you I would not recommend doing that because nobody else in the country has the expertise with the MV Agusta motorcycles and factory technical support. From the very beginning to the end you knew that you had our and factory full support to work on this issue until it will get resolved.

Regarding your statement that I kept shouting on you, this is sadly another twisted information, and your attempt to make us (and me personally) look unprofessional. I have never in my life shouted on any of my customers. Shouting and putting emphasis on the information you want to share are two different things. During our last phone call that lasted nearly 33 minutes, I have shared what steps are we planning to do next, following factory advice and our ideas. Unfortunately, since the motorcycle came back to you and the issue appeared again, you have only the negative way of thinking about us and this reflects everywhere. I have never given up to help you and I have surely never been disrespectful to you. You might realize that with time when you look back. The fact that you are asking your friends that never dealt with us to post false bad reviews about our company and the fact that you are purposely twisting the stories and stating that we provide no customer care is in my eyes very disrespectful towards our company, all our employees, and me personally.

All of us at MV Agusta UAE wish you all the best.

With regards,

Martin Krepela
General Manager
MV Agusta UAE

PS. We are not sure why you have originally posted your review from your personal Google account with your real name, but deleted it and reposted from another account with fictive name:

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